Breathing is the source of life.

It is fascinating to see and experience how much positive influence the right breathing has on your health and well-being. You can exert much more influence on your health and state of being! The working of the body is incredibly fascinating. Breathing is king.

I like to teach you the tools to get the most out of your life.

My interest in the body, the mind, food and exercise combined with the experiences as a person, partner, father, entrepreneur, ex-commando, trail runner and adventurer makes me able to find my passion for being able to convey my knowledge.

Instructor skills:

  • Breatheology
  • Buyteko
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Oxygen Advantage
  • Intermittent Fasting

One of my passions is running and trail running. With this, I invest in experience and adventure. The counter now stands at 90 Marathons and Ultras (= everything beyond a marathon). In 2014 I walked the multi-day Marathon Des Sables, in 2016 the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. In 2017 I participated in one of the toughest multi-day running races in the world, “the Jungle Marathon” in Brazil.

My life motto is;

A bridge never crossed is a life never lived.
~ Traditional Chinese Quote ~

I would love to get in touch with you or your company

Bart Eigenhuis

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Soest, Netherlands