As a breath-work instructor across multiple disciplines, I am guiding and facilitating individuals and groups on how to tap into the wisdom of the breath. Holding a background in engineering gives me the edge of revealing how proper breathing enhances the efficiency, sustainability, and energy-saving characteristics of the body and mind.

Living in the era of advanced technology has led us to so many mind-blowing discoveries, better facilities, and better luxuries, but at the same it has dramatically changed our life-styles being inactive, and affected the balance of our physical and mental health. We have been too much involved in the development of technology, high-tech and robot life; that we have forgotten our human bodies and breath as the most amazing, developed, equipped and efficient machine and tool which are able to do much more than we think.

To me, within the focus of Breatheology on using the ‘right breathing and breath-holding tools at the right time in the right way’, we are engaging in a simple, effective & highly joyful way to explore the wisdom of balance in our lives and restoring the nature of our body-mind connection. Through the Breaology method, I am passionate about seeing how people change through a deeper connection with their own breath and how they alter their look at work and life, thus making more conscious choices. I am eager to share the journey of ‘Every Breath Matters’, and the journey of ‘Breath Holding’ is nothing more than resting from ‘Breathing’.

Therefore as Breatheology Instructor, I am thrilled by the possibility of instructing and facilitating you (Online/ In-person) in;

* General group workshops/classes/events
* Company workshops/classes/events
* One-on-one coaching

Within your individual and group intentions for engagement in any of the above, where I apply my skills, talents and enthusiasm; you are going to explore the life-long tools and actions towards measuring and improving health, understanding and managing stress, rehabilitating the body, and optimizing energy and performance.

And more specifically in the setting of the business sector, my enthusiasm is to invite you on the path where ‘Work/Life Balance’ is important and ‘Work/Life Choice’ is a value.

Mahdi Hamidi

Certified Breatheology Instructor™


Helsinki, Finland 

Sweden (Alternative Location)

Languages: English, Persian, Finnish, Swedish