I was born, first of all, as a coach and neurolinguistic programming trainer, certified under the guidance of Richard Bandler in 1994. I have been and am a trainer and coach for Italian, national, international and
multinational companies, as well as for large Italian public administrations.
I have followed and follow athletes, national and international, of any discipline, from boxing to skeet shooting, archery, MMA, as a sports performance coach and as a biohacking coach.
In recent years I have increased my focus on the world of biohacking. I have built and opened several specialized corners on the territory for biohacking protocols.
I have trained managers, athletes and athletic trainers to achieve better performance using all possible levers, from food to sleep to sun exposure to
respect for circadian rhythms and of course using the very powerful breathing techniques.
In this entire scenario I appreciated the real power of the Breatheology method
and this is why I followed the entire path to become an instructor with great passion and great esteem both for trainer and champion Stig Severinsen and for his splendid team.
My mission is increasingly connected to the optimization of psychophysical performance, the implementation of lifestyle changes that can all
ow everyone to live not only longer but above all to live better, happier and with maximum vitality.
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(WhatsApp): +39 392.4141907
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Stefano Santori

Certified Breatheology Instructor™


Languages: Italian, English