I am a occupational therapist for more than 30 years experience but have made life one big education, so I am constantly going deeper into knowledge about body, heart, mind and breath. I am a Heart Math instructor as well and use compassion and HRV in most of my work even though the body takes the center stage in all my work.

I have been teaching and educated people in mindfulness and compassion for more then 15 years. And still do, but the last 6 years trauma and insights of the effect of trauma on our overall health has grown more and more central into my daily work.

Today I still offer education and hold retreats, but I also do a lot of 1:1 sessions with people who want to find balance from a deeper place and release old pattern to be more free in life.

I also have some big jobs in companies working with stress where I have developed a program I call HMSR (Heart and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction), a 8 week program focusing on the balance between heart, mind and the body.

I have people teaching HMSR for me out in big companies. Breath and body are important parts of the HMSR program.

If you want to know yourself much deeper and find balance in life or your company needs help coping with stress and health, please contact me.

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Flora Tara Melchiorsen

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Næstved (near Gavnø castle), Denmark

Languages: English, German and Danish

Web: www.livsbevidsthed.dk