My name is Thammes Madsen and I am 47 years of age.

I am Danish and live in Denmark with my wife and 2 kids.

In my spare time I very much enjoy travelling and have lived in different countries in the world such as the UK, Germany, Thailand, Afghanistan, Africa and Wales.

I also enjoy sports like Padel tennis, Mountain biking and kite surfing. I started the journey with Breatheology about 10 years ago and have lately finished the education as an Instructor.

I am looking to spread my newly gained knowledge to people in need, to gain as much experience as possible and with time put together my own clinic helping oeople breathe to their fullest.

I find the world of breathing and the benefits it brings along very interesting and would like to continue this Journey.

Thammes Vesterholm Madsen

Certified Breatheology Instructor™

Roskilde, Denmark

Languages: Danish, English, German