Successful, respected and wealthy. That was me after 25 years of applied psychology.

But something important was still missing, my innermost intuition told me, and I searched long and extensively.

Far into the distance, only to return by chance to the starting point of my impatient search. The treasure lies hidden there. In breathing. Through Breatheology my life has changed completely and since then I have been sharing my new knowledge and my own experiences to all those who want to reduce suffering. Their own suffering and the suffering of others.

I am happy to offer Applied Breatheology in my own office, across town or around the world. Online.

Applied Breatheology is the combination of Breatheology Fundamentals and EDMR – trauma therapy tailormade for you.

Its easy to take life hard. But hard to take it easy.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

Learn to breathe like a world champion and

You will win with every breath you let go.

Ad Astra Aspirando.

Jörg Albers - Profile Picture

Jörg Albers

Certified Breatheology Instructor™


Sønderborg, Denmark

Languages: Danish, German, English