Luca has developed the workshop “Breath For Business” combining his decades of experience as a manager with his passion for breathing. His project can be useful for managers, sales people, team leaders, art creators and for anyone aiming to improve their performance in the business field.

His second passion is represented by sports that he has played since his early childhood (soccer, tennis, squash, boxing, kick boxing) before becoming a high-level runner. His athletic experience led him to become extremely confident with the world of sports.

Breathing is the point of union for these two worlds (sport and business) and the Breatheology method plus Oxygen Advantage method gave him the scientific basis for the realization of this ambitious project called OxyLab360. and helping him to achieve is dream.

Instagram profiles: @Minichinoluca @OxyLab360

Luca Minichino - Profile Picture

Luca Minichino

Certified Breatheology Instructor™


Milan, Italy

Languages: Italian