I am a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, massage therapist and a Breatheology instructor. I am also a “Reichian” breath worker. This means I give bodywork in combination with circular breath work to help people to release physical and/or mental blockages.

Physical and psychological pain and turmoil are the result of people restricting their breathing and creating “muscular armour.” I also give workshops for people that want to get acquainted to me and to breath work in general.

Apart from my native language, Dutch, I also speak English, French, Spanish and German. I hope that more people start to understand the importance of breath work in our busy world. We have never learned how to breathe properly. It is our life! Tension is who you think you should be Relaxation is who you are (Chinese proverb)

Yolanda van Dalen

Web: www.yolandavandalen.nl

Certified Breatheology Instructor™